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Pinnacle Marine (Singapore) Pte Ltd is established since 2009, we provide a plethora of different services ranging from Ship Building, Ship Supplying, Boat Repair and Custom Fabrication. We started boat building locally under the Singapore Flag and BV classification (BV NR216) since May 2018. 

Pinnacle Marine has become a pre-eminent Boat Builder over the years as our teams excel in challenging conditions and obstacles to improve our skills and experience. We satisfy our customers by providing a clear and transparent communication channel throughout the period of each project.

We differentiate ourselves from competitors by applying our value propositions: 

  • Competitive costing

  • High building quality and creative innovation 

  • Excellent track records

  • Highly customizable service solutions

  • Effective leadership and empowered team members

Our core value at Pinnacle Marine is simply to provide high-quality vessels for our valued clients. Our team exceeds expectations and go beyond to cater to clients' specific needs. We hope you’ll find what you’re looking for with our Shipping Company. For more information or general inquiries, get in touch today.


Our vision is to be the leading builder in our region, whilst uniting Singapore's Vessels & Shipping Competencies to the world.


  • To lead the industry with our next generation of Vessel Buildings with highly automated & advance processes

  • To flourish our local talents and thrive towards a higher level of technological skill

  • To expand beyond Singapore 


Here at Pinnacle Marine, we strongly emphasize on the design, construction and operations of compact aluminium vessels necessary to stay unique the niche port/harbour and nearshore island logistics.

Pinnacle Marine is an integrated company in Singapore producing a plethora of complementary aluminium craft-based logistics services.


Our long-term experience in this industry allows us to optimize designs for port requirements whilst being cost effective.  

Custom Cradle Build
Water Tank Fabrication
Custom Deckhouse Build
Platform Build
Aluminium Boat Build
Aluminium Boat Painted & Assembly
Stairway Assembly

Address: 2 Bukit Batok Street 23 #08-01

               Bukit Batok Connection

               Singapore 659554


Tel: +65 6254 9524


Fax: +65 6254 9534



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