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WSH Training Courses

Pinnacle Marine (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Training was established as a vehicle to tap on P4 group companies’ WSH and industrial knowledge to impart essential theories, useful practical skills and critical safety awareness to potential trainees. Over and above that, Pinnacle Marine (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Training shall also set out to instill in its trainees personal motivation towards safety and to inculcate in them a safety culture at work.

We will therefore concentrate on delivering high quality courses with an emphasis on industrial safety, which are relevant not only to the marine industry and but also contextualized to support various industries across Singapore.

Mission: To provide quality training programmes to upgrade and professionalize the current workforce with an emphasis on industrial safety.

Vision: To be a regional training centre for WSH, technical and vocational skills development.

We are dedicated to training potential candidates "Towards Competency and Safety" (our motto), to enhance the knowledge and skills of the workforce to minimize risks and increase safety awareness.


Pinnacle Marine (Singapore) Pte Ltd will be launching our WSH training programme soon.

More information and details can be found here.

Please contact us at +65 6950 4756 / for enquiries.

We are located at 182 Pandan Loop, Singapore 128373.

Please fill in the registration form via the LINK or scan the QR code and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.

You may refer to our Personal Data and Privacy Statement here.

For any feedback, you may submit them through this form here.

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